Chinese TV damage

Model: FCH-2176bSymptoms: kuramg image focus (raised horizontal lines)Cause: elco horizontal value 250v/10mfSolution: replace new-tolerance capacity 10mf-22mf/250v Model: Ichiko 21 inches
Symptom: No sound dark rasterCause: there is someone rang Vertc damage caused by VCC reg over headSolution: replacement of the ic vertc LA_7840 and elco direg Model: TCL_2175s
Symptoms: blanking ijoCause: RGB matrix green not workSolution: replace on Tr C_ dirangkaian V_amply 3229 Model: star 17
Symptoms: dark images, the panel and the remote does not workCause: ic efrom errorSolution: replace ic2408 then reset
Model: Fujielectrik
Symptoms: no vertical kebuka Cause: ic vertical stun to less than 24 voltsSolution: from the foot of vert ic playback to continue to cut wires spliced ​​together and wrapped around 7 wrap to increase the charge on the playback
Symptoms: lighted indicator lights 1 second hold off and audible soundCause: LA 78040 ic vertical short Symptom: image as a parabolic signal on a random, normal voiceCause: elco section 180 volts supplied to the block of dry RBGSolution: replace elco with greater capacity eg 22uF/250 volt Model: Votre 21inch
Symptoms: The image and sound are not there, the screen is not full, nor raster fibrousCause: Elko pda wrong power supplySolution: Replace C470-50V,-50V C1000, all also 47-160V, 100-160V, also replace its C IF disposable 33p
Symptoms: nice pictures but there in front of the shadowCause: rgb 180v voltage less goodSolution: replace elco on teganga 180v, usually 22uF-47uF 250V Model: bomba
Symptoms: a horizontal lineCause: faulty flyback transformer Model: Sanken ST21FFG
Symptoms: when Dion MCB electrical pd downCause: rang Reg Pwr kosletSolution: pd replacement C_516 = 681k 2kV Model: Monstar
Symptoms: tv off standbyCause: ic 2408 program is broken, short lm8712 transistor models: mithochiba 21
Symptoms: StandbyCause: ceramic capacitorSolution: replace C705 18cf dngnNote: This TV uses LA76810A and LC8633XXX Model: Changhong
Symptoms: STANDBYSolution: replace C.100uf 200V and c100nf/25vNote: This new type using a single IC 8897CSBNG6PR6> while wearing SMPS STR> CQ1265 … Model: wansonic
Symptoms: stanbyCauses: 5v voltage ngedropSolution: replace ic 7805 Symptom: No normal raster tp no blanking thin lines and colors sometimes changedCause: V_amply circuit works bum Solution: V_amply (RGB matrix) v = 921,911.901 C2482, after replacement tv back to normal Model: GTC _GM562
Symptoms: MatotCause: SSR regulator circuitNote wr Reg, K2141, osc driver UC_3842 Symptoms: MatotCause: ptc 817 jbolSolution: Usually this high TEG check tr1015 and ptc 280v 817 konsletNote: not ptc wrote that so pnyebab elco100, 450V jga could swell Model: View sonic B50c
Symptoms: totally deadCause: a series of ill-reg pwr bkrjSolution: replacement of equipment as follows: Q 101 = 2SK 2545, IC I01 = UC_3842Model: nikitex 14 inches
Symptoms: totally deadCause: the regulator broke bermasalah.transistor a1015Model: star 14
Symptoms: tr pwr suply d1885 broken continueCause: tr c3807 driver leaking slightly
Symptoms: great picture no soundCause: muting circuit on the sound does not work (no damage)Solution: for audio muting is TR _731 = C1815 Model: 1427GS TCL
Symptoms: Raster performed with grs HorzontalCause: B + vcc which causes over vertical ic jd SSRSolution: First in war pwr replacement regulator so vcc B + and the other normal. As for who digant follows: c_811 = 10uF 50volt, 50volt c 812 = 1uF, c_810 = 100uF 50volt.Note: for ic 9302h vertc STV_Model: FCH-2100
Symptoms: image shaking, long normal new imagesCause: elko around Chroma ngedropSolution: replace c404 (16v 2200uF Model: fujitec dynamic vision
Symptoms: warna.contras, brightness thinCause: TR V803 shortSolution: replace V803 (C1815) in the CRT PCB Note: check first close 1N4148 diode V803 V803 usually causes short short Model: w com21
Symptoms: image narrowed down until only 1cm aboveCause: condensator vertical section is brokenSolution: replace C1000-50V Model: wansonic
Symptoms: The engine used for tv tv slim, vertical width lessCause: vertical yoke tv standard (15ohm) v out 15k. 152. 33k. 100uF. 1000uF Solution: tv slim vertical yoke (6ohm) v out 10k. 102. 47k. 220uf. 2200uFModel: digimedia
Symptom: display only open about 5cmCause: duration of useSolution: replace elko 25v.1000uf and re-solder the vertical section including vertical ic Symptoms: ill ad pictureCause: ceramic capacitor shortSolution: replace c441 written 360 Model: 14 inches
Symptoms: The input video can not beCause: faulty ic la 76 810 Model: all chinaSymptoms: image striped road 2Cause: elco driver rgb drySolution: replace the 22uf/250v elco power supply Model: SAAB 14
Symptoms: AV FILLED VERTICAL garis2Cause: R brokenSolution: Replace R833 = 82ohmNote: this tv using ic program LC863532B 54D5, ic chroma LA76810A Model: 14 sd21
Symptom: Picture jagged, OSD disappear, wheezing soundCause: The change elco track c231 AblnyaNote: china tv using ic ic program LC863532B 54D5 and chroma LA76810A Symptoms: VERTICAL SMALL PICTURE KEEP MISSINGCause: TR B772 16V VCC BROKEN INTO 7812Solution: REPLACE THE TRNote AKAI LC 1C LA76818A PROG STANDARD Model: Ichiko
Symptoms: when at home turn down fuse (MCB) Cause: short circuit of the generator (genset)Solution: replace the regulator transistor d2498Model: canghong
Symptoms: vertical moveCause: 24v voltage lessSolution: b892 tr Gant Model: all brands
Symptoms: NOT catch PRESSCause: L VOLTAGE 5VLT BROKENSolution: replace pemalak L102 voltage with R 0.47 ohm.Note: CHINA TV LA76810A YNG using chroma IC, IC program LC863532C 55P9, vertical LA78040 IC Symptoms: green color is lostCause: breaking green amplifierSolution: replace tr bf 420 Model: any tv china
Symptoms: gbr no rich white line lines batikCause: cathode voltage lessSolution: replace EICO cathode volt 22uf/250 Note: smua wear brands china ic LA76810/18 A Model: 21 fujitec
Symptoms: red dominantCause: tr RGB shotSolution: CEKteg in rgb / no balanceNote: replace all tr ​​1573 Model: 21fjitec
Symptoms: horizontal lines (vertical) 2cmCause: r 2mg dropSolution: check TEG 33VNotes: vol 33 to tuner ic ok but that all vanished croma r2mg ohm switch.
Symptoms: striped vertically from top to bottom right in the middle of the screenCause: horizontal circuit around the FBT, and tertangkaplah biangnya are burning L441: 37uh and rupture R441: 1K
Symptoms: nice picture but no colorCause: sbesar voltage ic 9v mnuju short cromaSolution: replace ic KA7809 CROMA AS A POWER SUPPLY IC Model: FTC FUJITEC 1459Symptoms: IMAGES / Raster narrowed at KANAN.WARNA BE LEFT AND BLACK DROP IN VOLTAGE PUTIH.TERJADI B +.Cause: GANTIC 517: 33/160VModel: UOC8823CPNG
Symptoms: High image only 10cmCause: Elco at ramp generator drySolution: Replace the 0.47 uF elco at pin no.15 IC 8823CPNG
Symptom: Picture book light arising garis2Cause: Elco 10 uf 250 volt damagedSolution: if you find a picture on the tv screen is bright and the lines arising replace books elco or 2.2 uF 250V 10 uF
Symptoms: tv picture appears separuCause: R 1 ohmSolution: Replace R 1 ohm at outputvertical Model: SOLYTRON-SM3725
Symptoms: Position AV voice channel remainsSolution: Check the Q1006 to pin 12 IC 4053 Model: SOLYTRON-SM3792
Symptoms: Tuning may stop, but the channel is not trsimpanSolution: Check the-30V supply MemoryModel: SM3730-SOLYTRON
Symptoms: Sometimes it can start, sometimes deadSolution: Check 15V, C853 (4.7 u 50V NP).Model: TD1538 SEMRO
Symptoms: B + can not be adjustedSolution: Check R808 (10k) at the RegulatorModel: OKE 3732
Symptoms: Tv live, – / + 5 minutes off (Standby), Eeprom MN12C01 okaySolution: Check the pulse point at the start snoring sound, either the account after 3 minutes (PIF okay); Replace Transformer SIF!Model: CONTEC KTB3731
Symptoms: Matrix (Color) screwed up, okay M51393 IC VideoSolution: Check R235 (8k2) breaksModel: NATIONAL (AN 5601)
Symptoms: At the start of life and die (Protect)Solution: Check Q504 (Base must be 0 Volt) Model: METZ 7401/3
Symptoms: Relay bissa on, no B +Solution: Check R808 (2.2 Ohm ½ Watt), R821 (56 Ohm ¼ Watt) No. Hor. Oscillator, Vcc okay; Replace TA 7698.Model: P191 Chancellor
Symptoms: No OSD (No Can Program)Solution: Check D102 (414 near the IC Program.Model: MAYAKA-R14MC02
Symptoms: Vertical Disabilities (garis2 black in the middle)Solution: Check C406 (220N) R416 series models: SOLITRON-SM5108
Symptoms: Tuning slide, VIF okay, No Sound, Audio IC okaySolution: TDA 8222, Replace & Adjust SIF (102).Model: TELESONIC-TC5191GR
Symptom: Power On, Relay On (supposedly silent Standby)Solution: Check C120 (22u50v) at Base TR113Model: Dazz-DZ2570A
Symptoms: Not StartSolution: Check Hor.Vcc, must be 8voltModel: DAEWOO-DMQ2044
Symptoms: No OSD, Panel Normal functionSolution: Replace IC Program (M34300M4-230SP). Model: Yoriko-YK2103ET
Symptoms: Vertical megap2, Vcc okSolution: Check Input 7812 (Not to be in less than 15V).Model: FUJI ELECTRIC 25 “(Video Master Stereo)
Symptom: Picture Not SyncronSolution: Jumper Pin 1-3 in CN 203 (teletex) with R 100ohmModel: SABA-MF3702
Symptoms: No Colour, Picture okSolution: Check the LC 02 (Pin 36 M5203, 47pf Capacitor Model: FUJITEC-FTC1499
Symptoms: Phase Hor. slide to right 15cmSolution: Check Transformer Driver Hor Model: SABA-MF5222
Symptoms: Tuning slide (stay tuned VIF)Solution: Replace with LA7555 LA7550 okModel: SABA-MF5222
Symptoms: Blanking, Sound okSolution: Check the AV Switch TEA2014,Test: Jumper pin Socket Module 10-13 in AVModel: SOLITRON (Program CTV222S-PRC1.1)
Symptoms: Can a flame, all the panel did not functionSolution: Check Voltage Reset pin 33 (5v).Model: ADVANCE
Symptoms: Tuning slideSolution: Check & Replace with E08L (Capacitor 68pf) Adjust AGC (in Menu Service): 15.Model: Sukira-CE1493
Symptoms: Vertical opening 8cm Just dtengah2Solution: Check Voltage Pin 42 (TDA8361) of 33V.Model: FUJI ELECTRIC 21 “(TA7680)
Symptoms: Tuning slide, the search does not stopSolution: Check the Capacitor in PIF (68pf).Model: Dazz-145 038
Symptoms: There garis2 Blanking & Black, Sound ok No OSDSolution: Check Elco Filter 180v Model:-THOMSON TS4225
Symptoms: Deflection (Vertical) Protect installed, removed okSolution: Check the 2nd Resistor series (1.5 Mega) eastbound Toll Vertical.Model: CHINESE MACHINERY
Symptoms: Regulator silent even without loadSolution: Check Capacitor on Power Base (15N).Model: MITSUNO (LA768
Symptoms: Some Start, sometimes StandbySolution: Replace the Eprom should 93LC56, 93C56 that can notModel: FUJI ELECTRIC 29 “(TA8659)
Symptoms: Matrix fucked Red color not out (IC, Vcc ok)Solution: Check R729 (8k2) at Pin 2 Model: Sukira-CE1493
Symptoms: Standby B + ok, distart dropSolution: Check D606 Model: JOHNSONS (TA 769
Symptoms: Chroma, Color mbloborSolution: Check Elco1u50v at Pin 6


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